About Us

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer in North America. PolypDx™ gives doctors a new tool in the prevention of colorectal cancer. Once screened, patients presenting a risk of adenomatous polyps can be directed to a colonoscopy, during which the adenomatous polyps can be completely and safely removed, thus preventing the progression into colorectal cancer. In a Canadian-based clinical trial of nearly 1,000 patients, MTI's PolypDx™ demonstrated significantly higher sensitivity than fecal-based screening tests to detect adenomatous polyps. PolypDx™ is a simple and effective test requiring only a small urine sample. Early detection and non-invasive ease of use are key distinguishing factors for a screening test in the prevention of colorectal cancer.

PolypDx™ is designed to be used in individual patient testing and screening program testing environments:

  • Individual Patient Testing: MTI's diagnostic screening tests can be utilized for one-on-one patient testing in a private or community-based physician practice. The simplicity and ease of use will be highly attractive to patients and their healthcare providers. In addition, the screening tests can be adapted to Point-of-Care (POC) facilities, such as pharmacies, nursing stations, and even shopping malls.
  • Screening Program Testing: MTI's diagnostic screening tests are also designed to be used as part of overall population-based CRC screening programs across countries, provinces, and/or states.

PolypDx™ offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Early stage detection: PolypDx™ detects adenomatous polyps, the precursor to colorectal cancer, thereby detecting individuals at risk for colorectal cancer
  • High patient compliance: PolypDx™ does not require any unpleasant bowel cleansing preparation, nor unsanitary handling of stool, and does not have any health risks.
  • Ease of use: PolypDx™ is fast and simple – just a small urine sample is required.
  • Higher accuracy: PolypDX™ has superior performance characteristics for colonic adenomatous polyp detection. PolypDx™ was validated in clinical trial of nearly 1000 patients, demonstrating a higher sensitivity than fecal based tests (FOBT/FIT) for detecting adenomatous polyps.
  • Cost-effective and high-throughput platform: PolypDx™ is a Mass-Spectometer-based test, therefore allowing high-throughput and cost-effective population-based screening for those between 50 and 74 years.